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“We Create Worlds with our Words.”

“We Create Worlds with our Words.”

In this week's parsha we learn of a man who blasphemed God.

He was the son of a Jewish woman from the tribe of Dan.

However, since his father was Egyptian,

he had no Jewish paternal lineage; he did not belong to any of the tribes.

When he sought acceptance from his mother’s tribe,

he was rejected, excluded, ostracized and denied a place to pitch his tent.

In response,

"The son of the Israelite woman pronounced the name and blasphemed."

We, like God, in whose image we are created,

create worlds with our words.

What worlds will we create?

When we speak lovingly, and when we speak words of wisdom and Truth

we create peace and harmony.

When we blaspheme and speak negatively,

we destroy, hurt and create disconnection.

Our communities and families are very powerful institutions.

They can be places where we feel loved and wanted.

We all need those places where and people with whom

we feel safe, welcomed, accepted, valued and cherished.

These relationships empower, strengthen and inspire us.

However, these same institutions can also make its members

feel shame, feel unwelcomed and ostracized.

To be rejected by others is more damaging than we can imagine.

So, let's create communities and families which are loving,

which speak well of each other and

are reflective of the kind of relationships that God wants us to have.

May we be blessed to be part of families and communities that help us and

ones which we are proud to be a part of and contribute to.

Shabbat shalom


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